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Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs I have mixed feelings about this entry in Patricia Briggs' urban fantasy universe.

Pros: The narrative was as gripping and addictive as all of her other books. As with the Mercy Thompson books, I found myself staying up way way way too late to get to a place where I could put the book down and go to sleep. Asil was a fantastic; such an interesting character with great character layering. I also loved the Native American magic showing up again. We get to see it with Mercy, but Charles commands a different set of skills entirely. Ditto on the witch lore and Bran's backstory. I loved all of that.

Cons: I just haven't gotten into Anna's character. Infuriating assault victim tropes aside, she's just a little flat. Maybe that will change in further installments, but the constant "oh gosh I'm just worthless" and the hand wringing and weird mood swings were difficult to have patience with. I found myself more interested in Walter the Vietnam vet-turned-werewolf than I was with Anna. I'm going to give it some patience though. Briggs can take awhile to let you know why you should really love a character, and not everyone can be as kickass as Mercy right from the get go. Another thing that bugged me was the convenient plot dropping. Anna's brother just happened to be a boxer which comes in handy in a crucial moment, etc.

Still, overall a fun read and I'll definitely read the next one.