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Legion - Brandon Sanderson Finally got around to actually READING this novella rather than just staring at it. It's SO GOOD. The typical Sanderson creative juices have given us another amazing cast of characters. Actually, most of the book involved just one character and his hallucinations. Steve is a schizophrenic(ish) genius, and he creates "aspects" to help him help others. I won't say anything more about the actual plot, as everyone should just go pick this up and read it; it's readable in a short sitting.

I will say that Brandon Sanderson does this in 88 pages: He creates an endlessly interesting and extremely relatable protagonist who has a disease that suffers from a terrible stigma, he touches on existentialism, the nature of reality, sanity, asks questions about religion and faith and science, the morality of time travel, and gives you a few good laughs.

In 88 pages. This is why Brandon Sanderson is one of my favorite authors. Thank you ever so much, stranger in a bookstore who suggested out of the blue that I read Mistborn. I hope my return recommendation was half as good.