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Light - Michael  Grant I really liked the final book in Michael Grant's Gone series. Completely addicting, just like the others...I definitely stayed up until after 2am a couple nights during midterms because of this sucker. It was dark, disgusting, and brutal...not as much as Plague, but pretty close. Everything I love and expect from Michael Grant.

I also thought that the characters were also paid off pretty well...Lana has always been my favorite character, so I was excited that Grant spent so much time with her and her epic badassery against the Gaiaphage. I also thought the resolution for Caine was great...as was the entire final battle.

The post-fayz resolutions were the only place where I felt a little more attention could have been paid. It's not that I didn't like it; it just felt a little rushed to me. I didn't buy the emancipation of Sam because he was mad at his mom for lying to him. Sorry...I guess I just didn't find that to be a big deal in the grand scheme of everything he's been through. If she had emancipated him because he's honestly just not a child who needs a parent anymore...that might have felt a little more natural. A few more words on the fates of some of the smaller side-characters might have been nice as well. I did love the resolution for Diana; moving in with Sam and Astrid.

All in all, awesome last book to one of the most f#%&ed up series I've ever read. :D