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Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever - Martin Dugard, Bill O'Reilly So, this book was actually really good. A writer, Bill O'Reilly is not. A HUGE fanboy of history, he is. No matter how you feel about his politics, he totally shows his history nerd roots here.

What I liked: I had no clue how huge a conspiracy this was. Like...huge. From what I can tell, He's mostly careful to point out what's been proven and what hasn't, thought I'd love to see some of his sourcing for the dialogue. Which brings me to the other thing I liked: it reads like a novel at many points rather than the usual detached scholarly recounting.

What I didn't like: some of the details were just superfluous for me. I really didnt need to know every drink every man got at every bar.

I think it's worth the read for my history nerdlings out there.