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Days of Blood & Starlight - Laini Taylor I was NOT expecting the story to go in this direction. It's not that it was terribly surprising from a plot perspective, but rather that the author was brave enough to go to such bleak places. The first several chapters of the first book had me cringing in anticipation of a teen-angst, trope fest. Then, suddenly, it becomes awesome. Days of Blood & Starlight picks up days from where Daughter of Smoke and Bone left off. So, essentially, the central character has just learned about the genocide of her people. So yes, this is a dark, depressing chapter in these characters' lives, and we're offered very few reprieves. By the time Issa showed up, I needed her. I needed Karou to have one unabashed chimera ally. I do wish we'd spent a bit more time with the displaced and hunted chimera, but it felt as though the author made the choice to spend more time fleshing out the seraphim, who were a peripheral menace in the first story. Definitely necessary. I also loved the character growth of Liraz. And this has been a terrible stream-of-consciousness that makes little sense. But I loved the book, and can't waaait for the next.