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Kingdom Come - Mark Waid, Alex Ross, Elliot S. Maggin I almost can't believe I had never heard of this before. Absolutely incredible story, amazing illustrations (you so rarely see gouache in graphic novels!). The story takes place 30 years after Superman has retired. The world has descended into chaos, and Clark is forced to come out of hiding to restore the Justice League and world order. The contrast between Superman's absolute dedication to the preservation of life at all cost and Diana's more warlike approach to peace was wonderful, and the narrator, Norman, was an incredible character. My favorite, though, was absolutely Bruce Wayne. Witty, cynical, and broken, Batman was the sole character aside from the narrator (and the angel) who was calculating enough to see the entire picture and play the best cards in his hand.

I did think it was slightly irritating that no one called out Diana for her actions toward the end of the story. I suppose when one is an actual goddess, they get a pass.

Anyway. Awesome.