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Daughter of Smoke & Bone - Laini Taylor After the first 15% or so, this was a totally fun read.

What I loved:

- The Premise: A girl is raised by demons who exchange wishes to mortals for teeth. Any teeth really. <3<br/>
- BRIMSTONE. Uuuughhh ram-headed adorable chimaera foster parent I <333 you. Really all the chimaera, but especially him...he was probably my favorite character in the book. If they turn this into a movie, I very much want all the art design to be done by Dave McKean and the Pan's Labyrinth team. The chimaera were just awesome and so fun to picture in my head. <br/>
- Apparently I love stories with impossibly attractive Angel warriors who have questionable morality structures.

- The magic system is very cool and very morbid. I like.

What I didn't like so much:

- The pacing of the plot is a little jarring. The first 50% of the book and the second 50% are completely different.

- Wandering point-of-view, lots of omniscience going on.

- I wish Akiva had had a little more depth. I mentioned my love of hot angel men with questionable morals. I just sort of wish he'd been a little more complicated. His whole history is glossed over in anecdotal form.