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Geist (Book of the Order #1) - Philippa Ballantine I loved this book. Despite a few issues I had, I still have to give it five stars..it was just so fun to read. Tonally it reminded me a lot of how it felt to read Sabriel as a kid. Everything about the magic system and the Geists was amazing, and the depiction of both deepened by the end. On that note, there was quite a bit of foreshadowing that was never resolved. I like going into the second book in a series with a lot of questions, but there were two or three things that were brought up enough that you get the feeling it will come into play towards the end (i.e. The Sensitives' secret final weapon against an out-of-control Active) that never ended up getting used or explained in more detail. There were also a lot of conclusions that were jumped to through the Bond that weren't fully explained to the reader.

That said, the characters were amazing. I enjoyed Sorcha more than any heroine I've read in a LONG time. Although she's incredibly powerful, the author gives her plenty of flaws to balance that. Nothing irritates me more than the "I have uniquely awesome power and there is just something about me that no one can resist liking!" trope, and so it's refreshing to read a character that, while really badass, is also prone to being an out-of-control bitch. So the characters that like her grow to like her, it's not automatic. She's in her late thirties, so she's experienced and self-confident, and from her PoV we get to see how deep and layered she is even if it isn't outwardly obvious. So refreshing! I also loved the Bond with adorable Merrick. So interesting! He was a great character too, and a perfect counterpoint for Sorcha. The author does such a wonderful job with their relationship, I really felt that they loved each other by the end of the book. Not in a romantic way, but as family.

Raed. Hmm, I don't care that he's maybe a little bit obvious. Sexyrogueishliongeistlordpirateprincerakewithaheartofgold. Yes please. Meh, I'm shallow.

If you need something light, easy, and fun, this book has great world building and unique characters.