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Wisp of a Thing: A Novel of the Tufa - Alex Bledsoe I meant to sit down for an hour and read as a way of decompressing from a long car trip yesterday...and suddenly it was dark out, I was done with the book, and I had completely forgotten to eat dinner.

This is the second novel in Alex Bledsoe's Tufa series; a not-so-urban fairy take, and it was just as engrossing as the first one. I was actually happy that he veered from Bronwyn's point of view to focus on other characters. Much as I loved her, he sets up a lot about the Tufa society in the first book that could be expanded on, and he definitely takes advantage of that in Wisp of a Thing.

And just as I loved the first book, I was also irritated by the exact same thing in the sequel as I was in The Hum and the Shiver. The perspective will literally shift mid paragraph. We'll be seeing things from Rob's perspective in one sentence and someone will be making an observation about him in the next. It's really jarring, and I wish we could at least have a line break.

Other than that minor annoyance, I love this story. More, please!